5 Viral Videos Hoaxes That Fooled Most of Us

Image Credit: Youtube.com
When a video goes viral on the Internet, a special kind of magic happens. First, the fateful moment needs to be caught on tape. Then, the person or people in it have to realize what they have and upload it onto the World Wide Web for everyone to see. And finally, against all odds, that video has to rise to the top of the millions upon millions of videos already uploaded, and people have to like it enough to start passing it around. When everything comes together though, it’s perfection. You get video classics that stick with you forever (or at least for a week or so) and quotes like “Charlie Bit Me” and “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” become part of the popular lexicon.

But sometimes, the magic is nothing more than an illusion, and some of the most classic viral videos ever turn out to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax.

5 Viral Videos Hoaxes That Fooled Most of Us

2Pig Rescues Goat

Not too long ago, a video that showed a drowning goat being pushed to safety by a small and impressively brave pig absolutely blew up. The clip was everywhere and was quickly crowned the cutest thing to happen in the history of the world; at least until it turned out to be shot by Comedy Central. Yes, the hero pig video was actually just a staged bit that was part of the show Nathan For You, in which Nathan Fielder tries to help struggling businesses. In this case, Nathan hoped to increase business at a local petting zoo by giving them a hero animal for tourists to flock to.

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