Epic Meal Time: Our 5 Most Epic Meals

We got in touch with the swell fellows over at Epic Meal Time about doing a list of what they believed to be their top 5 most epic meal creations. As their reputation would suggest, they delivered the written equivalent of one of their EPIC culinary creations. Top5.com thanks @HarleyPlays, @tlemco, and @EpicMook for creating the following masterpiece.

"On EpicMealTime, we've done some pretty cool things with food. Actually, let me re-phrase that. We've done some of the wildest and most outrageous cooking s#!t that you can't even wrap your primitive brain around. Having said that, there are some things that stand out a little more than others. Here's a list of our Top Five Most Epic Meals."
Epic Meal Time: Our 5 Most Epic Meals

284-Egg Sandwich – 48,138 calories / 3048 grams of fat

"In our time messing around in the kitchen, we've created some pretty epic things. It's safe to say that nothing can really impress us or blow us away anymore when it comes to meals. In the case of the 84-Egg Sandwich, however, we were completely breathless. This was the first time we took making sandwiches to the next level. How can you make an egg sandwich epic? Stuff each side of the crust with 84 individual sandwiches… then make a sandwich out of that. When that sucker was cut open and the inside was revealed, we were all speechless. It was like someone was playing the harp and the gates of heaven were opening for us. To date, many still consider this our most impressive creation."

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