Lisa Schwartz: the Top 5 Things I've Learned from Being a YouTuber

Lisa Schwartz, who many of you may know better as the YouTube sensation Lisbug, lives a very interesting life. Her previous life as a party princess for kid's parties set the stage for her current role as a YouTube sensation.

Her humorous approach to making YouTube videos has successfully helped her garner a following of over 300,000 subscribers to her Lisbug channel. Most tune in every week to see what Lisa is up to - from discussing Perfect Partners to How to Internet Date. Top5 was curious to find out what she's learned from being a YouTube sensation.

Lisa Schwartz: the Top 5 Things I've Learned from Being a YouTuber

2You Can't Make A Viral Video

“It’s true. No matter how hard you try to figure it out, there is no formula. Did David’s dad know that millions of people would get a kick out of his kid after the dentist? Doubtful. And if you think anyone thought Harlem Shake would actually be a 'thing', you’d be lying. There is no predicting it, and it’s frustrating. So, my only advice is keep doing what you think is funny. Document every embarrassing experience. Don’t be afraid to be an idiot. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll get yourself a viral video. If not, at least you’ll have a humbling experience. And material your friends can use to make fun of you for years. What happens on the Internet stays on the Internet. FOREVER! Why do we do this to ourselves again?”
“Good s#!t is happening. And it’s because people are watching this material that came from the heart. Not from a need to make money. Not from a need for fame. Material that comes from a need to make people laugh. YouTube has taught me, if you follow your passion, and work hard, a girl from Tarzana who sits in front of her camera cracking fart jokes may just end up working with Matt Damon.”

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