Lisa Schwartz: the Top 5 Things I've Learned from Being a YouTuber

Lisa Schwartz, who many of you may know better as the YouTube sensation Lisbug, lives a very interesting life. Her previous life as a party princess for kid's parties set the stage for her current role as a YouTube sensation.

Her humorous approach to making YouTube videos has successfully helped her garner a following of over 300,000 subscribers to her Lisbug channel. Most tune in every week to see what Lisa is up to - from discussing Perfect Partners to How to Internet Date. Top5 was curious to find out what she's learned from being a YouTube sensation.

Lisa Schwartz: the Top 5 Things I've Learned from Being a YouTuber

5You Never Know Where A Little Laughter Can Lead You

“I always loved comedy. I’ve been watching Seinfeld with my family on repeat for as long as I can remember. But, I didn’t ever realize it’s what I wanted to do. Yet, as I started making videos on YouTube, I began to understand that I get to make people laugh for a living. And not through the words that someone else had written for me. Through my own. Never fancied myself a writer, or a director, or an editor, or producer. Yet somehow I have become of all them. And all because I enjoyed knowing that people were laughing, responding to my material. The highest compliment is having a friend share one of my videos on Facebook. Because, for at least those three minutes, I know I am making someone happy. And YouTube has become the only platform that allows me and so many others to do this, and so easily. And as time passes, I realize this 'little platform' that was once just for cat videos, is becoming a place where people are making big moves. Web series are being picked up for TV shows. YouTube stars are being offered movie roles.”
“Good s#!t is happening. And it’s because people are watching this material that came from the heart. Not from a need to make money. Not from a need for fame. Material that comes from a need to make people laugh. YouTube has taught me, if you follow your passion, and work hard, a girl from Tarzana who sits in front of her camera cracking fart jokes may just end up working with Matt Damon.”

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