Top 5 YouTube Celebrity Downfalls

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What to make of the watered-down brand of celebrity open to overnight YouTube sensations? In a moment, a fifteen minute clock starts for these one hit wonders; in a flash of the pan, it’s all over. The whole phenomenon must be pretty dazzling and dizzying to live through—not that any of us will probably ever find out. Still, reliving the sometimes tragic fall from grace of these viral video wunderkinds can provide the same guilty pleasure as seeing any other celebrity eat crow. So we decided to look at the 5 worst YouTube celebrity downfalls of all time for your viewing pleasure.
Top 5 YouTube Celebrity Downfalls

1Kony 2012

Thanks to the unprecedented success of Kony 2012, millions of Americans went from not really knowing where Uganda is to hating militant leader Joseph Kony… and still not really knowing where Uganda is (it’s Africa, right?). The thirty minute video made the rounds on Facebook walls, accumulating 43 million views from March 5-8. The movement took a serious pounding about a week after its spread, when video creator and narrator Jason Russell was found naked and ranting in the middle of a sunny San Diego sidewalk—supposedly splattering invisible children wherever he went. He claims to have lost control from the pressure of Kony 2012’s success, and can’t recall masturbating. In other words, it’s OK to strut around naked in broad day light, just keep it PG.Next >

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